About Us

Vaishnavi Sayal
I’m Vaishnavi Sayal, a 24-year-old who believes that all of us have a part to play in this world and its development for the better. I come from New Delhi, India and studied Law at Cardiff University, UK.

I wouldn’t claim to be a writer by passion. However, I enjoy being engaged in discussions and debates by passion. From national politics to international affairs, from issues of refugee crises to mental health awareness, all these things drive me to work towards my dream of making a difference, big or small.

I have shifted my focus from long essay-type Facebook statuses to revised blog writing. And therefore, I call it ‘Little Rants’ because it all started with Facebook rants about things that frustrate you, that shouldn’t happen and that need to be discussed and written about.

Anusha Sriram
My name is Anusha Sriram and I am a 22 year old research analyst living in California. I am an American/ Indian and Guyanese and being so international has only confirmed my motto, that no matter where you are, action and not silence is the way to change the world.

I love politics and international affairs, and am currently particularly interested in how technology can influence diplomacy, international relations and human rights (Californian influence!).

I was an MUN-er and law student at Cardiff University and enjoyed being surrounded by a range of impactful discussions and debates. Little Rants is going to be a great way for me to continue to create and participate in discussions that create change! Whether it is focused on women empowerment or the foster care system to environmental rights and disability laws.