Welcome to Little Rants. Keep scrolling down to know more about us. You can find personal blog articles here on everyday issues from the perspective of a 20-something frustrated soul.

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What is Little Rants?

Little Rants acts as a platform for two best friends to express and share their views about everyday events. The world around us is a beautiful concoction of cultures, religions, traditions and nationalities. However, with this comes disagreements, clashes of ideas and viewpoints and therefore, a less than perfect world where peace and harmony are theories yet to be achieved. Through our political interest and curiosity, we keep writing about events around us, political and sometimes personal, with a personal tone and touch. All the blog pieces are either written individually or collectively by both of us.

All views expressed by us on this blog are personal and our own and do not represent our employers or any other institution or organisation we might be associated with.

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